Our Team is here to deliver your filtration needs, what ever they may be...

As a specialist in custom filtration design, we leverage many years of experience to consult and advise customers on the best solution to meet their needs.

We stand by our Development process to ensure our products are available by precise specification and in a time critical manner to minimize the impact on your production.

  • Die & Pigment Manufacturing
  • Aquculture
  • Food Processing & Technology
  • Engineering & Machinery
  • Distillation & Chemical Processing
  • Mining
  • Water & Waster Treatment
  • Agriculture & Apiary
  • Science, Technology & Education
  • Oil Refining
  • Concrete, Dust & Consutruction
  • Geotextile & Specialised Micron Meshes

Our Materials:

Allied Filter Fabrics stocks many different types of materials explicitly appropriated for the filtration sector and application.

Materials are carefully selected according to its characteristics for individual needs. Contact us today to discuss material suitability for your use. 


  • Filter Sleeves & Socks¬†
  • Dust Bags
  • Connector Chutes & Skirts
  • Transfer Sleeves
  • Filter Belts
  • Centrifuge Liners
  • Centrifuge Bags
  • Cage Filter Screens
  • Plate & Dust Frames
  • Paint Strainer Bags
  • ‘GAF’ Bags
  • Rotosieves
  • Oyster Bags
  • Plankton Nets
  • Scoop Nets


1. Where we start

2. What We Need

4. Devleopment

5. Quality Assurance

6. Deployment

3. Design Phase

Talk to us about your idea. One of our friendly team members will spend the time with you to achieve the perfect filtration solution.

We Create your product swiftly. Speed is our forte here!

Before your product is approved for dispatch, we take the time to check all aspects of the items to ensure you are receiving only the best.

Your product is ready and sent to you promptly

Provide us a ‘mud map’ of your design. To help us better design your filter we need to know the dimensions and application of your filter. Photos and specifications are always encourgaed.

We collaborate as a team, working with our technical material advisor, head machinists & pattern designer to generate a personalized design. We write your very own specification which is kept on site for your future requests.

Allied Filter Fabrics is proud to annouce our latest addition of CNC and Metal fabrication design and services. With years of experience in metal fabrication, we have now added a world class CNC machine.